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Simon Manoha

Simon Manoha was born in Ardèche, France, in 1987.

After studying music, he moved to Paris to study contemporary philosophy. He then returned to one of his first passions: photography, which he continues to work on, like all his other disciplines. His uncle being a potter, through his childhood memories, he is reminded by the earth.

All his ideas find then a feasibility, a grip which was missing until then.
He decides as usual to learn by himself, and this from the beginning: the search for clays. Simon Manoha spends days looking for clays in nature. He collects them, tests them in his works and in the fire.
The materials he photographed finally find their legs, their reliefs, the clay takes shape from all his observations of tree trunks, rocks, human silhouettes and skins. Sculptor of the material, he is in permanent research of the tension, that of the volumes and the spirit.
"Clay as an expression of myself
His studio is next to an Anagama (traditional Japanese wood-fired kiln), clay sources and countless minerals used for his glazes. He is currently working on a new series "Décomposage".

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