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Ceramics NOW 2021


Florian Daguet Bresson and The Galerie Italienne have the pleasure to announce the first edition of Ceremic NOW:, from June 8 to July 17 2021.


Ceramics NOW: is from now on the undisputable meeting point to present the ceramic works by contemporary artists coming from around the world.


Presented by Raphaëlla Riboud-Seydoux and Florian Daguet-Bresson, Ceramics Now is an annual event with a new art concept, the result of a common passion and a shared expert eye..


Ceramics NOW is  also at creating a moment for collectors, institutions and connoisseurs for them to discover, appreciate and acquire works.

Through the creations of artists who, by their strength, genius and humor, give birth to perceptions and values of today.

Anton Alvarez - Sylvie Auvray - Jean-Baptiste Bernadet - Johan Creten - Sophie Dries - Ememem - Alice Gavalet - Faye Hadfield - Grant Levy-Lucero - Simon Manoha - Tony Marsh - Julien Michaud - Jolie Ngo - Jongjin Park - Zizipho Poswa - Brian Rochefort - Anthony Sonnenberg - Superpoly – Tamara Van San - Alex Zablocki ...


Hosted by La Galerie Italienne,

15, rue du Louvre

75001 - Paris



Thank You !

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